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End 2015 Safely So You Can Enjoy 2016

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Tonight we say “goodbye” to 2015.  Judging by the top news stories of the year, most of us are probably looking forward to turning the calendar over to 1-1-16.  But there are also plenty of reasons to celebrate the last 365 days and to look forward to the next 365 366, especially if you’re a Spartan fan like me.

It’s easy to get caught up in the year-end revelry, so take a few moments to consider these common-sense tips for staying safe tonight:

  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • If you do drink alcohol, drink responsibly.
  • If you’re popping champagne, point the cork away from people and valuables.
  • Stay in a group of people you trust.

Go ahead, enjoy New Year’s Eve.  But be smart about it so you can appreciate all 2016 has to offer.