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Driver With "Snow Hole" on Windshield Freaks Out Other Drivers

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Hopefully we won't get anymore snow (and that the frigid temperatures will ease up soon), but a recent video really caught my attention when it comes to safe driving. A man driving to work in the UK shot a video of another driver with a tiny "snow hole" on the windshield, or a teeny space that the apparently lazy driver was willing to clear on his otherwise snow covered windshield. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Sadly, this isn't the first person I've seen driving around that is too lazy to take the time to properly clear off their windshield. There are limits to what the defrost button can do, although I know that it can be tempting to forego dragging out the windshield scraper and taking the time to properly clean your car off. You can also purchase winterizing products that can easily coat your windshield with a repellant layer that keeps off rain and snow.

Spring is also a good time to remember to take good care of your windshield. The Michigan Department of Transportation suggests that drivers take the same precautions with rain as they do with snow. April is one of the rainiest months of the year, leading to slick roads and decreased visibility. Don't be like the snow hole driver; get your windshield wiper blades changed so that you will have good visibility on the roads throughout the year.