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Dog’s Loyalty Knows No Bounds, Lies in LA Traffic Next to Dying Friend

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They say that dog is man's best friend, but a dog's loyalty knows bounds beyond humans. A recent stituation exemplified the loyalty that dogs can have toward humans and animals alike when a Labrador Retriever named Grace braved busy traffic to lie down by her friend's side. The friend wasn't her master, however, but another Labrador Retriever who was struck and injured by a vehicle.

Grace lied patiently next to her friend as cars sped by, dangerously close to the two dogs. But Grace wasn't bothered by the noise or the cars as she lied next to her injured friend. Luckily, a motorist stopped and placed two orange cones around the dogs to protect them and called animal control.


The video on YouTube has been viewed 200,000 times. Sadly, Grace's friend to not survive but Grace was recently reunited with her owner on Monday at an LA Animal Shelter and will go home soon.