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Could saving gas money cost you a lot more?

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In today’s economy, many Americans are looking to small vehicles with excellent gas mileage to ease the pain in their wallets. However, a recent report has indicated that three compact vehicles – the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Smart Fortwo – come with potentially unsafe designs with respect to head on collisions.

The study took those three smaller vehicles and collided them head-first into larger, mid-sized vehicles by similar (if not the same) companies. Both vehicles were traveling 40 miles per hour and crash test dummies in the smaller vehicles sustained more damage than dummies in the larger vehicles.

While this may seem to suggest that larger vehicles should be favored instead of energy efficient vehicles, some efficiency experts believe that safety and efficiency can come together by having vehicles weigh less (thereby consuming less gas) while having larger frames (providing more feet for energy absorbing crush zones).