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Approach of Summer Means More Teenage Drivers Hitting the Road

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It may not seem like it at the moment, but summer vacation is just around the corner. For many young drivers, an open schedule and the call of the open road is an irresistible combination. Unfortunately, more teens on the road means a higher risk of a car crash.

I don’t like to pick on teenage drivers – I was one once – but facts are facts. Teenage drivers account for more than their fair share of auto accidents. Whatever the causes of the increased accident rate (distracted driving, for example), your goal as a parent should be to keep your kids safe.

One way to reduce the chances of a crash is to simply control access to your vehicle. Studies have shown that teens tend to be more careful with a family car than a vehicle they consider their own. Another way is to be a good role model and practice safe driving behaviors yourself. And don’t worry, you have help: Many automakers are introducing safety technology to help young drivers stay out of trouble.

If you have a new driver in your household, take the time to make safety a top priority.