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Ann Arbor Doctor is a Hero For Car Accident Victim

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Someone must have been looking out for David Grainger after he was involved in a high-speed car crash on I-94 on February 13. While Grainger said he couldn’t recall much of what happened after his car stopped moving, he did remember the kindness of Doctor Ed Wilkins, a reconstructive surgeon at the University of Michigan Hospital.

The car accident occurred as Grainger was traveling eastbound on I-94 with three friends in his car who planned to view the development possibilities in Detroit. According to police, Grainger’s car rear-ended a minivan after another driver cut off a vehicle ahead in the line of cars. Grainger had no time to respond when the minivan driver quickly hit her brakes to avoid rear-ending the car in front of her.

While waiting for first response to arrive, Grainger appeared headed toward hypothermia. Luckily, Doctor Wilkins stopped to help, and although medical authorities warn never to move traffic accident victims prior to first responders’ arrival, Dr. Wilkins knew what to do. By leg-rolling Grainger onto a blanket, while keeping his head, neck and back in a single axis to prevent further damage to a potential spinal injury, Dr. Wilkins helped to make Grainger more comfortable as he waited for EMS to arrive. Since the accident, Grainger was released from the hospital after recovering for a week. I know Ed Wilkins personally and he is a terrific person and a great doctor, as this inspirational story clearly shows.